A Commitment to the Healing Arts

Christopher' extensive experience with meditation coupled with his studies in metaphysics and his ongoing involvement with a global network of therapists and healers has given him a unique insight into how to create music that encourages deep relaxation, spiritual awakening, healing and altered states of consciousness.

Christopher’s music is a favourite amongst meditation enthusiasts and those seeking much needed relief from stress. His music is also used by thousands of professional therapists, meditation teachers, day spas and holistic healers around the world. You’ll come across his music in hypnosis and guided meditation recordings, YouTube videos and relaxation apps. His music has been the first choice for high profile luminaries such as Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Neale Donald Walsch, Julian Lennon and more.

OK, enough name dropping! You get the idea. Christopher’s music can be found in a lot of places but more importantly, it’s doing a lot of good in this world. For example, The Australian Cancer council used Christopher’s music to create a free guided meditation for cancer patients. Some US army bases use Christopher’s music to help soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, and his music is used by some of the world’s more progressive schools to help their students relax and focus.

Professional life

Christopher spends his days composing music from his studio in Apollo Bay, Australia. From there he oversees the operation of his two most notable websites: www.The-Guided-Meditation-Site.com, an educational website that offers guided meditations and downloads of Christopher's music, and Enlightened Audio (formerly www.RoyaltyFreeMeditationMusic.com), a music licensing website that offers Christopher's music for commercial use.

Christopher's studio is home to a vast array of sound libraries, virtual instruments and high-end music production equipment. It also is one of the few studios where you'll find a big squishy couch, pillows, blankets and a yoga mat on standby. Plenty of listening time is spent in meditation or stretched out on the floor. Christopher likes to call this hard work "quality testing". 

Personal life

Christopher lives in Apollo Bay, a popular holiday location on the southern coast of Australia, about 3 hours west of Melbourne. It's a wonderful part of the world - a relaxing place that's surrounded by natural beauty and blessed with a great community atmosphere.

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Thoroughly absorbed in the moment with some crystal singing bowls.

in just a few words...

Christopher Lloyd Clarke is a composer who specializes in music for meditation, deep relaxation and healing. We reckon he is best summed up as:

• A peace loving Australian with a great sense of humour.
• A devoted musician who loves making music that helps people find inner peace.
• A member of the Australian Music Therapy Association.
• A 6' 3" tall, bald-headed science geek with an educational background in biology, metaphysics and audio production.
• A big-hearted spiritual guy who has been practicing meditation daily since 1997.

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The beach at the end of Christopher's street

is a great source of relaxation and inspiration.


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