The Ecstasy of Being

This sublime music evolves slowly and gently - mysterious ethereal soundscapes gradually blooming into choral crescendos that border on climactic...before receding into soft, celestial passages that envelop the mind and open the heart. The Ecstasy of Being is a musical work of great emotional depth – a composition that reaches the heights of elation whilst remaining utterly peaceful.

Crystal Rain

Crystal Rain is a musical work of extraordinary peacefulness and purity. This therapeutic music features the sound of crystal singing bowls and it's a perfect complement to meditation. It is wonderful for energy cleansing and is highly recommended for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression.


Quietude is food for the soul. It soothes and relaxes you right down to your very core. This beautiful meditation music makes it easy to settle into a serene and content state of mind, an effortless journey into deep relaxation. It also encourages "bio-rhythmic relaxation" by gently reducing your heart rate and breathing rate. You may even feel a sense of euphoria as your nervous system relaxes and your body increases its production of endorphins.

Untold Depths

One of Christopher's most popular albums ever. Untold Depths is renowned for its ability to enhance and deepen meditation, or to help weary minds drift off to sleep. This soothing, dreamy soundscape provides just enough stimulation to absorb your attention and draw you into a deeply relaxed state, but not so much stimulation that it ever becomes distracting. Untold Depths will wash away all your thoughts and lead you into a state of mind that feels incredibly spacious and still. This is "eyes closed" music, and it's very powerful but very gentle.

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Whenever you're in the mood to relax, soften your mood and lift the atmosphere around you, Adrift is the perfect music choice. This music is very, very gentle. You'll hear no chimes, no pianos or extravagant instrumentation, no unexpected changes in volume or tempo; just a soothing musical experience that leads to effortless relaxation.

Adrift is wonderful background music for formal meditation or for when you're ready to drift off to sleep, but you can also listen to this music anytime you want to lower your stress levels and feel more at ease - while you're reading a book, while your at your computer, or after a long day at work.


Go on, close your eyes and listen to the sample and experience this euphoric meditation music for yourself. Ascension will uplift you to an elevated state of consciousness whilst relaxing you to your core. As this hour of music unfolds, Ascension never strays too far from the theme that you hear in this preview and contains no sudden musical events that could ever jolt you from a state of deep relaxation. This magical soundscape will captivate your awareness and sooth your mind without ever becoming a distraction.


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The Essence of Peace

The Essence of Peace is a zen meditation music masterpiece that will leave you feeling centered, relaxed and at peace. In The Essence of Peace, the tranquil sound of a concert harp provides a hypnotic, mantra-like foundation to the soft sounds that float above it. Very pure. Very simple. Very zen. I could write so much more to describe this beautiful music, but I like to think that the title "The Essence of Peace" really says it all.

Seven Sacred Centers

This collection of seven soothing tracks will awaken, purify and enliven the energy centers of your body, whilst relaxing you from head to toe. This beautiful music is wonderful for chakra meditations, but of course you can listen to it any time you feel the need to relax, open your heart and clear your mind.

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Mindfulness Bell Volume 1

Mindfulness Bell Volume 1 is a powerful meditation tool that features nothing more than the sound of a specially selected meditation bell that is played at periodic intervals to help clear your mind and guide you into a deep state of meditation. Each time the bell (a Tibetan singing bowl) is struck, it rings for about 40 seconds. During the first 5 minutes of this meditation, the sound never completely fades away; the bowl is struck again before it fades to silence. Slowly but surely the gap between each strike is increased, allowing you to gradually experience longer and longer moments of complete silence.

Mindfulness Bell Volume 2

Mindfulness Bell Volume 2 uses a very large Tibetan Singing Bowl with a deep, rich sound that rings out for a much longer time than the bowl used in Volume 1. This is an ideal recording for those who have used Mindfulness Bell Volume 1 for at least a few weeks and would like to "graduate" to a deeper meditation experience with longer periods of silence to enjoy.

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Letting Go

In Letting Go, serene choir sounds float gently through the air. This simple, heartwarming music moves very slowly and gently, and never strays too far from its main theme. So restful. So calming. This beautiful music is like a gentle massage for your mind, washing away every last drop of noise and tension until you sink into a state of blissful relaxation. Letting Go was not designed to be "entertaining", it was designed to be like a pillow for your mind - a soft, gentle soundscape that you can listen to over and over again.

Timeless Ocean Surf

Recorded during the early hours of the day at the world renowned Bells Beach on the southern coast of Australia. These ocean waves have a nice weight to them - not too heavy, not too weak, and they have quite a soft tonality that soothes the mind. Close your eyes and you'll hear the sound of a million bubbles bursting as the foam washes right up to your feet.

Currently only available for commercial licensing. General release coming soon.